Chicken Paprika with Nokedli


Chicken Paprika:Chicken pieces, onions, garlic, paprika, salt, green peppers, red peppers and oil.

Nokedli: Eggs, Flour and water.

Directions: Chicken Paprika:

Braize the onions, add garlic and paprika, stir to ensure paprika does not burn.

add chicken pieces, stir for a few minutes, allow to brown

add enough water to boil down

add stock cube and salt.

thicken with bisto and flour

Total Cooking time: when chicken is soft Approx 1 hour and 30 minutes

Directions: Nokedli

add egg flour and water to bowl

stir continously until thick

grate the nokedli into a pot of rapidly boiling water

Total Cooking Time: when nokedli floats to the top it should be removed from the boiling water.

Watch how Matilda makes it in the Video.

Suggestions: Can be served with either Fresh or Sour cream depending on preference

Nokedli can and often is substituted for Macoroni.


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